36 Whales - Gloucester HarborWalk
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36 Whales
36 Whales

©Barry Moser, ink drawing (humpback whale), 2012

'Salt', the grand lady of Stellwagen Bank returned for her 36th straight year in 2011 with her 12th recorded calf, the most ever recorded from a single female humpback whale.

Gloucester is the whale watch capital of America. Located closest to the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, the whale watch expeditions report over seven species of the great whales over 30 feet in length. See the skeleton of a humpback whale at the Whale Research Center of New England on Harbor Loop.

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'One of Top 10 Whale Watching Spots in the World'

– World Wildlife Fund on Gloucester

SALT was seen in 2015. Whale watching trips leave Gloucester daily from April to October.

Humpback Whales Feeding

Humpback Whales Feeding

 Video courtesy of Cape Ann Whale Watch  (800)877-5110

Underwater Video Of Curious Humpback Whale :58

Curious Humpback Whale Upclose & Underwater



Cynde McInnis, Cape Ann Whale Watch

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Quest for the Great Sperm Whale 6:06

1991 Barstow documentary excerpt: Quest for the Great Sperm Whale (6:06min)

A Cape Ann whale watch gets a classic travelogue from phenom amateur filmmaker, Dr. Robbins Barstow: “The Quest for the Great Sperm Whale,” 1991.

Whale Alert!

Whale Alert!

Whale Alert North Atlantic Right Whale detection demo

Contact Local Whale Watching Companies

Following are the local whale watching companies. Most offer daily Whale Watching Trips from April through October.


Seven Seas Whale Watch +1-888-283-1776
Cape Ann Whale Watch +1-800-877-5110
Capt Bill & Sons +1-800-339-4253
Yankee Fleet +1-978-283-0313