24 The Dory - Gloucester HarborWalk
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24 The Dory

There must have been nearly a hundred of them, of every possible make and build, with, far away, a square-rigged Frenchman, all bowing and curtseying one to the other. From every boat dories were dropping away like bees from a crowded hive; and the clamour of voices, the rattling of ropes and blocks, and the splash of the oars carried for miles across the heaving water. The sails turned all colours, black, pearly-grey, and white, as the sun mounted; and more boats swung up through the mists to the southward.”

— As the Gloucester schooner, the We’re Here, approaches the Grand Banks in Rudyard Kipling’s Captains Courageous

``Killing It`` Dory Practice (:35)

Dory Practice


2008 International Dory Races; Joey Ciaramitaro, Founding Editor

1966 Cod Fishing DORY (8:25)

1966 Cod Fishing DORY 8:25

Mini documentary with historic footage cod fishing, Pesca do Bacalhau, Newfound Land, Portugal, Canada, Creoula, 1966, The White Ship (Santa Maria)