23 Dogtown & Babson Builders - Gloucester HarborWalk
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23 Dogtown & Babson Builders

© Cape Ann Museum, Gloucester MA

Born and raised on 58 Middle Street, business theorist and investor Roger Babson hired unemployed stone cutters to inscribe more than two-dozen boulders during the Depression. He hoped that words such as “industry,” “initiative,” and “integrity” would inspire people as they walked through Dogtown Common in the center of Cape Ann. He founded three colleges as well as Gloucester’s Isabel Memorial Library.

Boulders: Ellen Lefavour© Photographs

Boulders © Ellen Lefavour photographs


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Marsden Hartley Poem on Dogtown

Hartley poem listen

Hartley Poem

A Listening Experience

Marsden Hartley as well as other artists and writers have created works inspired by Dogtown.


Map & Directions: Explore The Boulders

Explore the Boulders

What You Need To Know:


Visit the website by Eric “Dacron” Bickernicks,  who maintains an excellent website devoted to Dogtown and it’s history, lore, geocaches, trail maps and more. View, save, or print his detailed map of Boulder Trail with GPS coordinates. You can also visit the Essex Heritage website for additional info & directions.



Driving Directions to Trailhead


11 Dogtown Road

Gloucester, MA 01930


Cherry St/Dogtown Common Entrance:

From: Rte-128 North to Gloucester and the first rotary (Grant Circle).
  • Take the exit to Rte- 127/Annisquam (Washington St).
  • Follow Washington St. to Reynard St. on your right (about 1 mile).
  • Turn right onto Reynard St, then left onto Cherry St. at the end of Reynard St.
  • Follow Cherry St. a short distance to the entrance to Dogtown Common on your right (there will be a brown sign).
  • Drive up the hill to a parking area with a sign; you may also park along the road.
From Gloucester/Rockport, go to Grant Circle Rotary and follow the above directions.
Dogtown As It Was

Dowgtown As It Was