22 Beauport - Gloucester HarborWalk
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22 Beauport

© Historic New England

Henry Davis Sleeper’s home, Beauport, was named after French explorer Samuel de Champlain’s description of Gloucester Harbor. Sleeper purchased an unassuming cottage on a small lot in 1907, onto which he moved part of a Cogswell house from a site in Essex. For the next 27 years, he created his 40-room design masterpiece.

After Sleeper’s death, the McCann family purchased Beauport and donated it for preservation. Beauport is now a Historic New England house museum and a National Landmark, unchanged as Sleeper left it.

Have a look inside Beauport

View Inside Beauport

Visit Historic New Englands website for more history, tour information about the amazing gardens and interesting people who thrived in this beautiful home.

Photographs courtesy of Historic New England

Beauport then (B&W) and Now (Color)

Beauport Today
Antiques Roadshow Tour

Antiques Roadshow Visiting The Home

A Tour through the Sleeper-McCann home with Antiques Roadshow

Courtesy PBS, February 11, 2013

Beauport Podcast (13:22)

Beauport Podcast

 © Historic New England; With regards to the domestic staff at Beauport

Legendary Neighbor, Artist Cecilia Beaux (2:52)

Eastern Point neighbor, artist Cecilia Beaux

 Photos courtesy Cecilia Beaux papers, Archives of American Art


Color Me In! Beauport activity sheet

Color Me In! Beauport activity sheet

View, print, save Activity Sheet

On Gardens- The Terrace at Green Alley (2:18)

1910 Century Magazine Article

“Green Alley: The Home of Miss Cecilia Beaux”

Marie Demick narrates excerpt from an article by Hildegarde Hawthorne with archive photos from the Smithsonian Museum