21 Schooner Adventure - Gloucester HarborWalk
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21 Schooner Adventure
Schooner Adventure
The dory-fishing schooner Adventure, built in nearby Essex in 1926, is one of the last survivors of her kind. During three decades of fishing the North Atlantic, she brought home more fish and more money than any other vessel. After her fishing career was over, she became a windjammer cruise ship off the coast of Maine until 1988, when she was returned to Gloucester.

Take a sail on a schooner out of Gloucester including the Adventure, a National Historic Landmark. See the dozens of historic schooners that come to Gloucester Harbor over Labor Day weekend for the annual Schooner Festival.

Excerpt from Schooner Adventure documentary (4:35 min)

Excerpt from Schooner Adventure documentary

Historian and author Joseph Garland introduces the 1926 dory fishing schooner Adventure, a National Historic Landmark

Vintage Schooner Racing (3:41)

Vintage Schooner Racing

Rare footage of the original Bluenose schooner, racing against her Gloucester rival, the Gertrude L. Thibault.

Adventure Coloring Sheet

Adventure Coloring Sheet

Adventure Dockside Signs

Adventure Dockside Signage vintage brochure

This 1926 Historic Dory Fishing Schooner is a “flagship” of the Gloucester fleet and a National Historic Landmark. Adventure functions as a nonprofit educational resource to foster greater awareness of the historic New England fishing industry. On-board classes and sailing events are featured including cultural and community events.