14 The Paint Factory - Gloucester HarborWalk
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14 The Paint Factory
14 The Paint Factory

© Cape Ann Museum, Gloucester MA

Before its manufacture, tubeworms drilled through wooden hulls, and barnacles, seaweeds, and a sucking fish, the Echeneis, clung to boat bottoms creating heavy drag. In 1863, after years of experimentation, Tarr and Wonson invented a copper-based paint to combat marine life. Their paint was shipped for more than a century to ports world over and is still made and sold in the USA.

In 2008, world renowned ocean research, conservation and education organization Ocean Alliance purchased the paint factory for its headquarters. Ocean Alliance monitors ocean pollutants and marine life with help from their research vessels. The red manufactory built in the 1880s, will continue on as an iconic Gloucester landmark.

Paint Factory Facts (6:29)

Excerpt of Ocean Alliance Paint Factory History