06 Salting Fish - Gloucester HarborWalk
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06 Salting Fish
06 Salting Fish

© Cape Ann Museum, Gloucester MA

In its heyday as a salt fish producer; Gorton’s … kept dozens of wharves and acres of flake yards busy with the unloading, filleting, salting, drying, boning, cutting, grinding, smoking, boxing, packaging, and canning of the millions upon millions of pounds of fish brought back from the North Atlantic banks by their fleets of handsome Gloucester schooners…”

— Joseph E. Garland, author/historian

Here workers split cod freshly unloaded from the schooner Evelyn M. Thompson, on April 19, 1912; you can see her bow on the right. The fish were then salted and left on the flakes to dry.

Fishing Then: Drying Fish & Drying Sails

Fishing Then: Drying Fish & Drying Sails


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Salting Herring Today: Photo series by Joey Ciaramitaro©

Salting Herring Today

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