Gloucester HarborWalk | “FISH NET” by James Owen Calderwood
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“FISH NET” by James Owen Calderwood

“FISH NET” by James Owen Calderwood

ARTIST: James Owen Calderwood

An award winning, site-specific temporary work of art by James Owen Calderwood, one of three artists for the “2013 HarborWalk Public Art Challenge”. These awards reflect discussions, community development, planning and prescient determination to remember and work towards incorporating the creative arts broadly alongside other city efforts.

“Fish net” by James Owen Calderwood is a painted street mural that extends the entire length of Parsons Street (from Rogers street to Main Street). This street functions as an important pedestrian link from the harbor to the center of the City. Fish nets have been an important part of Gloucester’s fishing industry, and this piece fosters a connection between the sea and the city. This street mural also relates to the Folly Cove Designers (1938 – 1969) collection at the Cape Ann museum.

Designers used repetitive pattern in the creation of fabrics and textiles. Repetitive pattern also came into play as the “Fish Net” mural developed into one large patterned piece that could be seen as weaving together the fabric of the City. “Fish Net” was commissioned by Mayor’s Office and the Committee for the Arts on behalf of the City of Gloucester for the 2013 Harborwalk public art challenge, with funding from the Seaport Advisory Council, Commonwealth of Massachusetts.